Tiffani Bray is the photographer and the owner of Tiffani Bray Photography. Tiffani has apprenticed with some of the most well-known photographers in the industry..... She has been behind the lens for well over 7 years now!! "Tiffani is always striving to learn the latest and cutting edge techniques by attending photography classes and seminars and pushing myself to create perfection behind the lens." " Tiffani loves what she does and just would like her seniors to be comfortable in front of the lens. She does all she can to put the person at ease and help them relax so their true personality can shine through the image...Tiffani just want you all to enjoy and have fun"


Communicating with her clients is a huge part of what Tiffani loves so much about this business. She remain friends with many of her clients long after she's finished your session and she enjoys continuing to hear about and document your journey.


No she's not for everyone! Tiffani Bray Photography is for people that want the best. This is a lifetime moment for you and your senior deserve to be in the hands of someone that takes pride and someone that is also passionate about their work. Tiffani loves for photography to grab people’s attention, with its vivid colors and high contrast settings. She give depth to her images and provide extra color to her subjects, which helps brings their photos to life. Since a photograph is worth a thousand words, I want these to read out loud!

Our Philosophy

Photography is Poetry

I believe your personality and brand are of the utmost importance. I’ll be working with you personally to ensure that you’re comfortable and confident before you ever stand in front of my lens. We’ll work together to pick the perfect outfits, hairdos, and even arrangements for your session. I don’t want this to be anything less than an experience. My goal is to create the personal branding session both you and your brand will love.

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investing in your brand

Personal brand photography can happen anywhere related to a brand, from restaurants to homes. We’ll work the best backdrops for your specific brand during your consultation, along with the best props to bring along. 

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“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”


01 | currently booking class of 2021 seniors in the LeGrange | Atlanta GA area

02 | will continue to shoot cap & gown | college mini sessions throughout the year for 2021 seniors

03 | tiffani bray personal and brand photography launched

04 | new products will be hitting the studio (schedule your tour today to view products)